Bernhard Gold

Bernhard joined Iris Capital in 2016. Based in San Francisco, he is responsible for international investments especially in the United States.

Previously, Bernhard was Managing Director at T-Venture of America, Deutsche Telekom's (T-Mobile’s) venture capital arm. There, he was responsible for the investment activities in North America, including investments in companies like Boxfish, Cooliris (acq. by Yahoo!), CipherCloud, Mojio, NewAer, Nexmo (acq. by Vonage), Pinger, Ruckus Wireless (IPO in NYSE) and ShareThis, all located in the United States.

Prior to moving to San Francisco in 2010, Bernhard worked for T-Venture in Bonn (Germany) as Investment Director and led investments in start-up companies like mediapeers (acq. by Deluxe), Moviepilot (acq. by Webedia) and Sevenload (acq. by Burda).

Before T-Venture, Bernhard worked as a Senior Manager Marketing at T-Online International AG in Darmstadt, Deutsche Telekom’s ISP. In that role, he was responsible for marketing, sales and product PR of T-Online’s internet services.

Bernhard is a tech entrepreneur at heart. Between 1999 and 2001 he was Co-Founder and CEO of the Munich-based start-up company CyberProfit AG. The Company developed a software solution for real-time tracking and targeted advertising.

Bernhard holds a Diploma in Business Administration and a Master in Business Research (MBR), both from the Munich School of Management and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany). He published the book Silicon Valley Start‐ups and Corporate Innovation: Approaches to Resolve the Innovator’s Dilemma’ (2017).
Bernhard also holds a Ph.D. thesis on Innovation Management, Venture Capital and start-up ecosystems like the Silicon Valley.